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  1. Advancing Labor and the New Golden Era of Labor-Management Relations for the Players’ Benefit
    • Leverage the goodwill Cyrus has created over the last 15 years to start negotiating a new CBA immediately to begin the climb out of the current adverse deal
    • Achieve a new agreement that is fair for the players, good for the game and of substantially shorter duration than the current 10-year deal
    • Commence a League-wide listening tour, meeting face to face with players on every team to survey the best ideas within the NFL to advance the game for all stakeholders, including first and foremost NFL players
    • Have two Players Association Seats (one for NFC and one for AFC) at the Table with the League’s Competition Committee
    • Have a Players Association Seat at the Table regarding the League’s strategic planning efforts to ensure players’ perspectives are respected and considered for the betterment of the Game
  2. Advancing Players’ Economic Interests and Lengthening Players’ Careers
    • Reclaim as much as possible of the lost monies – the economic delta – created by the NFLPA in the 2011 CBA and level the economic playing field going forward
    • Help expand the NFL’s revenue “pie” and ensure that players get their fair share
    • Shorten the current 4/5-year period for a second contract to 3 years to align it more closely with the average length of NFL careers
    • Eliminate CBA loopholes with respect to the salary cap floor and with respect to the use of the unable-to-perform list to rob players of service time.
    • Create a task force that includes NFL head coaches and general managers to reverse the downward trend in career length by significantly lengthening players’ careers beyond the current 3.25 years
    • Increase roster size from 53 to 60 to enhance player safety and lengthen players’ careers
    • Reduce the number of preseason games from 4 to 3, while maintaining 16 regular season games
    • Trust but verify access to Club financials
    • Focus on increasing players’ chances of financial success through football by facilitating players’ efforts to place portions of their monies in a trust with a co-trustee to facilitate sound financial decision-making
  3. Advancing Players’ Dignity
    • Establish a new system for player discipline with appropriate checks and balances on the Commissioner for the betterment of the Game
    • Increase opportunities for players to express their individuality on the field
    • Expand health and pension benefits for retired players who built America’s Game
  4. Advancing the Player as a Person
    • Provide resources and infrastructure for players (individually and as groups) to engage in charitable giving, community involvement, and leadership in society
    • Create genuine services for emotional well-being and addiction, including a 365/24/7 counseling hotline
    • Challenge all players to register to vote to highlight the importance of citizenship (the NFLPA will identify local organizations to facilitate)
    • Work with NFL Films to highlight the humanitarian work of NFL players
    • Work jointly with the NFL to create and implement programs designed to prevent domestic violence
  5. Advancing Players’ Futures
    • Strengthen the Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship and the Nunn-Wooten Scouting Fellowship to create and enhance players’ post-playing career options
    • Create pathways and resources for players who want to pursue coaching, front office and personnel work
    • Create an Education Advancement Fund to which players can apply upon retirement for funds to complete an undergraduate degree, pursue a graduate degree, or pursue vocational training
    • Reduce the eligibility threshold for all health and pension related benefits
    • Establish, through the next CBA, an NFL-sponsored Head Injury Fund from which veteran players can automatically receive neuro-cognitive disability benefits based on a length-of-service formula.
    • Work jointly with the NFL to explore alternatives to opioid-based painkillers
    • Work jointly with the NFL to provide retiring players individualized health assessments as well as counseling with respect to education and career prospects
  6. Advancing Society
    • Have the Players Association participate as an active member of the labor
      community in sharp contrast to its current absentee approach
    • Create three new society-advancing preseason games:
      • A Civil Rights Preseason Game that rotates among Cleveland, Los Angeles, and Cincinnati in honor of Bill Willis and Marion Motley (Cleveland Browns) and Kenny Washington and Woody Strode (Los Angeles Rams), who were the first African American NFL players of the modern era, and in honor of Paul Brown who, as coach of the Browns and later founder of the Cincinnati Bengals, brought Willis and Motley into the league.
      • A Labor Strength Preseason Game that rotates among Detroit, Chicago, Green Bay, Pittsburgh and Baltimore in honor of players like John Mackey and labor leaders in U.S. history who fought for the rights of workers.
      • A Veterans Preseason Game that rotates among Dallas, New York, New England, and Jacksonville to honor U.S. veterans and others showing courage to serve our nation.
    • Work with the Pro Football Hall of Fame to develop exhibits on NFL history regarding labor and civil rights struggles within the League
    • Initiate and sponsor the “Talking Tuesdays” program, under which, each first Tuesday of the month, players with similar charitable and community-centered interests will have the chance to gather – online or in person – to discuss those interests and coordinate their involvements.