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February 12, 2018


NFL Players Have Been Hurt by Current NFLPA Leadership; Player Coalition of Choice Would Allow NFL Players to Restore Democracy to NFLPA


Cyrus Mehri: “NFL players can, and should, restore democracy to the NFLPA.”


Player Choice Chalkboard video presents three-point plan to return competition to the NFLPA


Washington, D.C. (February 12) –  The Super Bowl is over and celebrations are wrapping up, but players still have a battle to fight this off season and it’s one that affects their livelihood in the NFL. A new video, “Player Choice Chalkboard” explains that players deserve the ability to choose new and better leadership for the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) and restore democracy that allows players’ voices to be heard.  This is a Chalk Board video every NFL player needs to see.


“NFL players’ lives are about competition – on and off the field. It only makes sense that there should be a fair competition to determine who will best serve NFL Players’ interests as NFLPA Executive Director,” said Cyrus Mehri, a Washington, D.C.-based civil rights attorney and creator of the NFL’s “Rooney Rule.” At the beginning of the season, Mehri announced he would challenge current NFL Players’ Union head DeMaurice Smith for the role of executive director.


The video notes that NFL players are suffering through the worst CBA in professional sports, while NBA and MLB players are sitting pretty with far more favorable deals.  Worse still for NFL players, their CBA goes on for 10 years – double the length of the other sports leagues. The video also details how the current NFLPA leadership has given team owners a financial bonus for Thursday night games even though players find those games to be of greater risk to their safety. Notwithstanding the terrible deal, NFL players are being shut out of their right to choose new leadership who would serve their interests after the NFLPA leadership secretly amended the constitution to eliminate a competitive election process.


The video goes on to present a solution: a three-point plan for players to take back their union by joining a player coalition for choice. This would include:

  1. Restoring democracy by holding elections for the executive director through a two-thirds vote of player reps.
  2. Expanding democracy to prevent undermining players’ voices and further protect all players. Fundamentally, NFL players deserve to be heard and to control their own destiny.
  3. Using creative and innovative approaches to increase player leverage to obtain a fair and farsighted CBA that benefits NFL players and the game. NFL players deserve better than getting locked into a 10-year deal that costs them billions of dollars, and they deserve better than being forced to accept a continuance of the same leadership that negotiated that deal and has failed NFL players in so many other ways.



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