Leroy Kelly

“Players today drink from wells that previous players dug. The march for progress takes place from generation to generation. Cyrus has the right stuff to draw from historical struggles and lead today’s players into a bright future.”

Cleveland Browns (1964–1973)

Chicago Fire (1974)

NFL champion (1964)

6× Pro Bowl (1966–1971)

3× First-team All-Pro (1966–1968)

Bert Bell Award (1968)

2× NFL rushing yards leader (1967, 1968)

3× NFL rushing touchdowns leader (1966–1968)

Paul Warfield

“I am delighted that Cyrus has stepped forward to pursue the NFLPA Executive Directorship. I have seen and been impressed with the work he has done on equal opportunity issues for coaches. I know he will work just as hard to advance players’ interests, and I know he will do an exceptional job for them. Cyrus is a proven commodity who gets the job done. Players deserve a choice. It is time for a change.”

Cleveland Browns (1964–1969)

Miami Dolphins (1970–1974)

2× Super Bowl champion (VII, VIII)

NFL champion (1964)

8× Pro Bowl (1964, 1968–1974)

Cleveland Browns Ring of Honor

Miami Dolphins Honor Roll

NFL 1970s All-Decade Team

Bill Bates

“As a long-time member of the NFLPA Board of Representatives during my playing days, I can see that Cyrus will take the union to new heights. He will expand player participation and player involvement, and he will help players establish themselves as equal partners with the owners. With Cyrus at the helm, the players will have a large role in shaping the NFL’s future.”

Dallas Cowboys (1983–1997)

3× Super Bowl champion (XXVII, XXVIII, XXX)

Pro Bowl (1984)

All-Pro (1984)

NFC special teams player of the year (1983)

Over 200 Games played while redefining special teams

Mike Singletary

“I’ve come to learn that Cyrus has fought for equal opportunity in coaching and in the front office for years. He supports what is fair and right, and he will do so on behalf of the players, ensuring that they are supported and well-represented. Cyrus has a multi-pronged plan: he is going to push for economic fairness for the players, he is going to create pathways to assist players in succeeding in life after retirement, and he is going to help prepare players to be leaders in society. Players deserve a choice as to who will serve them as NFLPA Executive Director. Players deserve Cyrus. He will take the union to the next level.”

Chicago Bears (1981–1992)

Hall of Fame class of 98′

Super Bowl champion (XX)

10× Pro Bowl (1983–1992)

8× First-team All-Pro (1983–1989, 1991)

Second-team All-Pro (1990)

NFL Man of the Year (1990)

Bob Lilly aka Mr. Cowboy

“After much thought and consideration, I have decided to endorse Cyrus Mehri for the position of NFLPA Executive Director. Cyrus is well prepared for the position, and if elected, he will do a great job.”

Dallas Cowboys (1961–1974)

Hall of Fame class of 80′

11× Pro Bowl (1962, 1964–1973)

2× Second-team All-Pro (1970, 1972)

Super Bowl champion (VI)

7× First-team All-Pro (1964–1969, 1971)

Bari-Ellen Roberts

“Cyrus is a ‘Gladiator for Justice.’ He uses his knowledge of the law as a weapon to fight the wrongs that his clients face. He uses his compassion for justice to motivate him and those around him to stay in the battle until that justice is attained. His history with the ‘Rooney Rule’ and the Fritz Pollard Alliance speaks volumes of his passion for NFL players, coaches, referees, staff and fans.

“There is no doubt about his ‘stats.’ His landmark cases are known throughout many industries and have resulted in big victories for his clients, be they celebrities or clerical workers; white collar or blue collar.

Lead Plaintiff in landmark discrimination case against Texaco

Author of Roberts vs. Texaco: A True Story of Race and Corporate America

Joe Greene

“We need someone well versed in labor law who is also a people person capable of relating to players,” Greene said in a statement. “Cyrus has that perfect mix. I have known him for a number of years through the Fritz Pollard Alliance and he knows our League very well. He will fight for players past, present and future. He is an extraordinary candidate and I am so grateful he has put his hat in the ring. The players should have a choice.”

Pittsburgh Steelers (1969–1981)

Hall of Fame class of 87′

4× Super Bowl champion (IX, X, XIII, XIV)

10× Pro Bowl (1969–1976, 1978, 1979)

6× First-team All-Pro (1969, 1972–1974, 1977, 1979)

2× Second-team All-Pro (1971, 1975)

NFL Man of the Year (1979)

Considered Best Steeler of All Time

Jim Brown

“Cyrus is a fighter. He knows how to battle, and he knows how to win. He has done so for 15 years leveling the playing field for minority coaches and front office executives. He knows labor law and he knows the NFL community. This is a critical time for NFL players. They are in a bad deal and the chance for a better deal is around the corner with the next CBA negotiation. The NFLPA needs a change at the top before that negotiation. Cyrus is the man for the job.”

Cleveland Browns (1957–1965)

Hall of Fame class of 71′

NFL champion (1964)

9× Pro Bowl (1957–1965)

8× NFL rushing yards leader (1957–1961, 1963–1965)

5× NFL rushing touchdowns leader (1957–1959, 1963, 1965)

Considered Best Running Back in League History

Kellen Winslow Sr.

“Forging workable relationships based on mutual respect and strength is imperative between labor and management. Financial equity and having a voice in player discipline will be major issues for the next CBA. Cyrus has a long history of forging workable relationships that have always served his clients well.”

San Diego Chargers (1979–1987)

Hall of Fame class of 95′

5× Pro Bowl (1980–1983, 1987)

3× First-team All-Pro (1980–1982)

Second-team All-Pro (1987)

NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team

Changed How Tight Ends Were Used in the Game

Harry Carson

“I was a team captain for 10 of my 13 seasons with the Giants.”  “I know what leadership is, and I know a leader when I see one. Cyrus is a leader. He will lead the NFLPA in the right direction. No doubt about it.”

New York Giants (1976–1988)

Hall of Fame class of 06′

Super Bowl champion (XXI)

9× Pro Bowl (1978, 1979, 1981–1987)

2× First-team All-Pro (1981, 1984)

4× Second-team All-Pro (1978, 1982, 1985, 1986)

New York Giants Ring of Honor

John Wooten

“I know Cyrus’s heart,” said Wooten. “When you’ve watched someone fight for equal opportunity for 15 years, you know their heart. Cyrus will fight for the players. I promise you that.”

Cleveland Browns (1959–1967)

Washington Football Club (1968)

NFL champion (1964)

2× Pro Bowl selection (1965, 1966)

One of the Greatest Browns of All Time