A Call To All NFL Stakeholders: Share Your Ideas

Football is America’s Game, the nation’s most popular sport. It combines courage, intellect, physical skill, teamwork, and discipline in a unique way.  Our campaign has issued a Vision Statement and Platform to level the playing field for NFL players and to lift up America’s Game to new heights.

Our platform falls into these categories:

  • Advancing Labor: A New Golden Era of Labor-Management Relations for the Players’ Benefit
  • Advancing Players’ Economic Interests and Lengthening Players’ Careers
  • Advancing Players’ Dignity
  • Advancing the Player as a Person
  • Advancing Players’ Futures
  • Advancing Society

While we are proud of the effort we put into developing our platform, we do not have a monopoly on good ideas.  We welcome your ideas as well.  Please share your ideas with us using this form:

We are consistently reviewing and refining our platform with your input.

Thank you,

Cyrus Mehri