A Call to NFL Stakeholders: We Need Your Support

Dear Friend,

If our vision for supporting NFL players and advancing their interests resonates with you, we need your support. If our platform of new ideas, fairness, and strategic partnership sparks your interest, we need your support. If our mission to bring out the best in the NFL community as a model for our nation inspires you, we need your support.

We have launched an unprecedented insurgent campaign to take on a three-term incumbent who has diminished the stature and well-being of NFL players and hurt America’s Game. The next NFLPA Executive Director will shape the next collective bargaining agreement and America’s Game well into its Second Century, which starts in 2020. The stakes could not be higher.

My opponent, as current the head of the union, has vast resources and dozens of staff. Prior to taking over the NFLPA, he represented giant corporations and worked at a corporate lobbyist firm advancing special interests. He has access to virtually endless amount of money from the corporate sector.

In contrast, I have devoted my career to leveling the playing field for American workers against companies far more powerful than the NFL. Helping working people find dignity in the workplace taught me how vital meaningful work is to the human soul. NFL players have found purpose at a very young age that many people never find. As Executive Director of the NFLPA, I will fight for NFL players – past, present and future – to maximize their success as players and as lifetime leaders in society.

While my team has only one full-time staff member, we have something far more powerful than my well-heeled corporate opponent does. We have the moral authority of NFL legends and Hall of Famers, the true guardians of America’s Game, behind us. We have momentum, vision, and new ideas on our side.

With your help, we can build up this campaign brick by brick and add staff and resources. Our suggested donations are $50 (Team Fan), $250 (Team Member), $2,500 (Team Captain). Please spread the word. With your help, we can bring about the transformative change that NFL players and America’s Game deserve.

Very Truly Yours,


P.S. We accept no donations from Employers or Corporations.

Federal law, the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (“LMRDA”), prohibits Employer contributions to promote union candidates for union office. No candidate for election to union office shall accept or use any contributions or thing of value offered by any Employer, representative of an Employer, or associated Employer foundation, trust or similar entity. The LMRDA, however, does not prohibit a candidate’s receipt of contributions from members of the NFLPA or any other individuals who are not within the scope of the Employer definition.